Supportive Teen and Family Therapy

Weekly therapy offered virtually for families who are looking for a lower level of commitment, but still want to create a positive impact on their teen’s life. We offer individual therapy for teens and families to meet your needs.

We offer this service to our families in Orange County and outside of Orange County; in order to support families and teens in need of support. Let us help you today.

96% of teens and families we’ve worked with have said that it improved their life and their family connection for the better.

pic Virtual Therapy Services


Step 1

Click the button and set up a 15 minute call through our interactive calendar or call the number on the website. We will reach out to you directly within 24 hours or at the time you book on the calendar below to understand your needs and how we can best support you.

Step 2

After an initial screening call; our team will explore options available to you. Our therapists have flexible hours therefore we are generally able to book your first session on this initial call.

Step 3

Your teen and family will begin receiving support and they will be on their way to a transformative experience at SoCal Adolescent Wellness. Most of our first appointments are within 72 hours of the initial call to SCAW.