Our Story

SoCal Adolescent Wellness was founded by a mother of two, who witnessed many behavioral health challenges in her family and with her own kids. From these experiences, she was inspired to help create a safe place for both adolescents and their families. This place would function in such a way to not disrupt the daily life of the adolescents and instead enhance it and give them the skills they need to thrive. SoCal was designed with the goal of healing the entire family.

At SoCal Adolescent Wellness, we empower teens to live full and happy lives by treating the underlying issues of mental health. We treat teens, ages 13-18, struggling with teen depression, teen anxiety, trauma, and similar teenage mental health issues in Huntington Beach, California. SoCal Adolescent Wellness is designed to enhance the everyday lives of teens and families. Through our clinical excellence and individualized approach, we inspire healing and empower change in parents and teens alike.

Our Approach

SoCal Adolescent Wellness approaches adolescent mental health with clinical expertise, creativity, compassion, and 25+ years combined experience in working with adolescents and families. Each of our primary clinicians are Masters level Licensed therapists, that focus on empirically supported therapies proven to build mental wellness.

Our Services

SoCal Adolescent Wellness is a comprehensive adolescent behavioral health Intensive Outpatient Program specifically designed to address issues of mental health in the adolescent stages of development.

The SoCal Adolescent Wellness Program is offered Monday through Friday, 3:30pm- 6:30pm for individuals, ages 13-18. SoCal Adolescent Wellness is specifically designed to be an after school program to enhance the quality of life for teens both at home and school. Individual sessions with case managers, psychiatrists and therapists may be scheduled at other times during the week in addition to the program hours.

SoCal Adolescent Wellness is proud to offer Spanish speaking assessments and therapies for bilingual families.

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After School Programming

  • Monday – Friday | 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • 3-days/week programming based on assessment
  • Ages 13 – 18
  • Ongoing Psychiatry and Medication Management
  • Spanish Speaking Assessments and Therapies
  • Continuing Care & Outpatient Therapy available

Wellness groups and individual therapies

  • Daily Goal Setting
  • Psycho-Education
  • Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance and Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Anger Management, Impulse Control and Communication
  • Self Care: Managing Stress, Exercise and Nutrition
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Mood and Movement
  • Gender Specific Groups on Self Esteem, Body Image + Healthy Relationships
  • Music therapy
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“We were referred to SoCal Adolescent Wellness Center by our daughter’s individual therapist. She needed a higher level of care and the intensive outpatient program they have for adolescents (after school 3 days a week for 3/hours/day) was very good and just what we needed. The program includes family sessions as well, which were some of the most helpful and valuable counseling sessions we have ever had as a divorced family. Our daughter’s attitude improved, our communication is better and she just seems happier. There are not a lot of programs like this, so I am so happy we were referred to it. It is a small group and the kids get a lot of personalized attention and involvement. The therapists specialize in and really “get” adolescents and their particular needs and developmental/behavioral issues. Highly recommended.”
SoCal Adolescent Wellness Parent

Helping you and your teens find wellness.

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