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Summer Intensive for Teens

We help parents in Orange County remove the overwhelm by creating a mental wellness solution for their teen with ease.

Parents, finding a solution to support your teen, shouldn’t be complicated, what if there was an easier way?

Are you a parent with a struggling teen who wants more for your child’s well being, but feel unsure of how to get there?

At SoCal Adolescent Wellness we make the process of creating a mental wellness plan simple and supportive so that you can find quick relief and hope about the path your family is taking. We know with the overwhelming amount of options it can be difficult to figure out where to start. We offer everything from psychiatry, therapy, IOP, leaving you without doing any of the guesswork on your own about what to do and why. We have an extremely high success rate because hearing your needs and providing the right solution is the first place we start.

We understand the challenges teens are facing and after having hundreds of success stories from our afterschool program, we are confident we’ve developed a robust transformative approach to mental health that will continue to transform families lives in the Orange County area.

We give teens the necessary tools to transform the root of what’s keeping them stuck into mental wellness, and develop skills that will empower them through their adolescent years and beyond, giving parents like you the support system you need during these transitional years.

SoCal Adolescent Wellness approaches adolescent mental health with clinical expertise, creativity, compassion, and 25+ years combined experience in working with adolescents and families. Each of our primary clinicians are Masters’s level Licensed therapists, that focus on empirically supported therapies proven to build mental wellness.

Between the ages of 13-18, adolescents are experiencing major transitions. More than 1 in 3 high school students have experienced symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD and trauma in recent years. Teen mental health must become just as important as physical health. Our teens need us to support them.

We understand the impact mental health has on the entire family, which is why our robust program has opportunities available to support the entire family in this healing process, offering programs at multiple locations throughout the Orange County area. At SoCal Adolescent Wellness, you are not alone.

SoCal Adolescent Wellness will transform your teen. They will become stronger, more focused, happier versions of themselves prepared for the future ahead.

We know making the decision to ask for help for your teen can feel challenging. Our team is here to care for you every step of the way, whether that’s becoming part of the SoCal family or providing you with an alternative option, we are here to help.


Step 1

Our team will take you through a guided process to understand your needs, and walk you through your options. Click the page and set up a 15 minute call through our interactive calendar.

Step 2

After an initial screening call our team will explore options available through your insurance; many insurance providers cover our programs.

Step 3

Your teen will begin receiving support and they will be on their way to a transformative experience at SoCal Adolescent Wellness.

Meet some of the SoCal families…

“Our daughter recently completed the SoCal Adolescent Wellness Program. Not surprisingly, teenagers sometimes have a different perspective than their parents. I felt the program had an excellent curriculum that was delivered by a competent and caring staff. In listening to other parents share their experiences during the family sessions, it was clear their children were benefiting as a result of the program. Before enrolling in SoCal Adolescent Wellness, we toured a number of programs in the West LA, South Bay and Orange County areas. We believe SoCal Adolescent Wellness was the best choice and served our family well.”

“As a teen who came to this program, I can honestly say Socal Adolescent Wellness Center truly helped me. They taught me many skills to help me. When i first came in, i was at a very low point and they helped/taught me so much. They also have family sessions which, in my opinion, have helped me. It’s opened their mind to many different things. This program has significantly helped me and my family. I would rate it higher if I could.”

Empowering Teens. Reuniting Families. Start your journey today.

icon afterSchool

After School Therapy

Enhancing daily living, not disrupting it. Involve your teen in an after school program.

icon Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric Evaluations

Professional Psychiatric Evaluations and medication management is individualized for your teen’s own experience.

icon familyEduTherapy

Family Education and Therapy

Parents can feel frustrated and lost. We support parents with family, individual education groups and monthly multi-family group.

icon Continuing Care

Continuing Care

Ongoing support and after care resources are vital. Our program supports your family as long as necessary.

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